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White Tantric Yoga® in New York City ~ A One Day Meditation Workshop

Saturday, October 21, 2017

8:00am – 7:00pm

“The beauty of White Tantric Yoga is that it is subtle, it is exalting and it works to give you the master of life.” ~ Yogi Bhajan ~

Our minds release 1000 thoughts per wink of an eye. Some of these thoughts get lost in the unconscious, and some get stuck in the subconscious and affect the conscious mind. These thoughts become feelings, emotions, desires, multi-realities or fantasies. Instead of mastering our mind, often our mind and thoughts direct us, which can cause impulsive decisions, poor communication and self-imposed stress.

White Tantric Yoga® enables you to break through these subconscious blocks, so you can have a more enjoyable life. In the shortest time, you can experience release from a lot of the burden you carry in your mind.

When you see and act on each moment with clarity, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life can change. Your mind, body, and soul can act together as one. This is the path to personal freedom and awareness, and will bring more success to every area of your life.

White Tantric Yoga® is done in pairs as a group meditation. You sit facing a partner and follow instructions for meditation given on video by the Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan.

A representative of the Mahan Tantric will be present to facilitate White Tantric Yoga®. The original facilitators were chosen personally by Yogi Bhajan from members of his staff. Since his passing the Board Members of Humanology and Health Science, Inc., which manages White Tantric Yoga®, have used the profile he created for choosing new facilitators. Currently all White Tantric Yoga® facilitators have studied personally with Yogi Bhajan. The facilitator's role is one of ensuring the methodology given by Yogi Bhajan is carried out, and helping participants maximize their experience.

Each workshop consists of between six and eight kriyas. A kriya is a meditation incorporating: 

a yoga posture (asana)

  • a hand position (mudra)
  • a breathing technique (pranayama)
  • a mental focus and/or a mantra

Sometimes the kriyas are accompanied by music. These Kriyas vary in length up to sixty-two minutes. There are breaks in between each Kriya.

The environment is peaceful, and the atmosphere is friendly, supportive, and uplifting. A vegetarian lunch is provided.

New to Kundalini Yoga East:
$39 for 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga

KYE Club Membership:
$119 for Monthly Unlimited Yoga

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"Without this body of the yogic power and skill man is just a ordinary animal. Lives in the impulsation of time and space. Without uniting with the infinity I don't think there is anything else" ~ Yogi Bhajan ~ April 15, 1980

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Akara Numerology Workshop

Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Private Numerology Readings

Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20, 2017

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Abundance and Prosperity Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

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Sign up online $150.00 Pre-Registered, $130.00 KYE Club Pre-Registration ends 09/08/2017 $165.00, KYE $145.00 the day of 09/09/2017

Class passes, packages, intro offers and memberships are not valid for this event

Private Appointments with Hargopal Kaur Khalsa

Appointments will be available Saturday, 09/09/2017, Sunday, 09/10/2017 and Monday 09/11/2017.

White Tantric Yoga® in New York City ~ A One Day Meditation Workshop